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My newest article, This Is Not a Football Story was just posted on The Burnside Writer’s Collective today.

I’ve been completely swamped with freelance projects recently, but I temporarily pushed those projects aside (sorry to those editors still waiting on my assignments) to write this article, which was not assigned to me and for which I will not be compensated (sorry to my wife who would probably like to see me making money). But I made this article a priority because I felt like the content needed to be shared with a wider audience.

Stefanie Spielman (the wife of Buckeye great Chris Spielman) died of breast cancer last Thursday, and on Friday, I was profoundly touched when I heard her story on the radio. In the last few days, I’ve learned that many in this area (and beyond) have been touched by Stefanie (and Chris) Spielman. This story has been big in central Ohio, where the Spielmans live, but I wanted to share it with a wider audience.

(Thanks to the Burnside folks for being willing to put this up on such short notice—and for trusting me when I said I had a piece I wanted to get online right away.)

In the article—which is really more like an essay—I wrote in the first person, and I almost changed that. I wanted the story to be about Stefanie and Chris—not about me. (For the same reason, I removed the names of the radio broadcasters on 97.1 The Fan, and I didn’t include the quotes from Lance Armstrong, Archie Griffin, or Jim Tressel in which they commented on Stefanie’s passing.)

But I left myself in the article because I felt like it showed how their story impacted me—a real person—just as I experienced the way their story impacted the people who called into the radio station I was listening to last Friday.

I don’t think I did the story justice…but I hope I did a good enough job to give you a glimpse of Chris and Stefanie Spielman. I don’t know them, but from the glimpses I’ve seen in the last week, they’re pretty remarkable.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it: This Is Not a Football Story.