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Amena-BrownI first discovered Amena Brown about a year ago.

I guess it’s not fair to say I “discovered” her. As if she were performing in a dingy nightclub in Oakland, and I were some sort of talent scout who wandered inside just to get out of the rain—only to be blown away.

No, I just saw her videos online. That’s all.

But as soon as that first video started playing, it took me about 5 seconds to become a fan.

I like poetry. I like truth. I like unique forms of worship. Spoken Word, when done well, can be a combination of all three. And Amena Brown does it well.

So, if you haven’t already, it’s about time you “discover” Amena Brown for yourself.

I just saw this video for the first time yesterday, and it became my new favorite:

I love this: “If you strip religion naked, all you’re left with is pride and tradition.”


And if you check out some of her other videos, you’ll see that she also brings a sense of humor on stage with her.

Check out her website or her blog. Or follow her on Twitter.