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Seating ArticleAnother one of my articles was recently posted online.

Now, I know I promised, after my article about data storage (which came shortly after my article on wireless mic restrictions), that my newer articles would be more interesting. And well, I’m not sure anyone will believe I’ve followed through on that promise with this newest article:

Seats With Substance” printed in the most recent issue of Your Church.

The article is an overview of flexible seating options (i.e. chairs) for churches. So no, it’s not going to win me a Pulitzer or the Nobel Prize for Literature, but hopefully it will be helpful for some church community out there.

And it’s one of the many articles for which I’ve recently interviewed people, and from which I’ve learned a lot—and gotten paid. So I’m not complaining. I’m going to compile a blog post sometime soon highlighting the things I’ve learned about the art of interviewing people. And if that also bores you, then let me say two things:

1) Maybe you shouldn’t be checking my blog. 🙂

2) More interesting articles are coming. I promise… (well, and some more boring ones, too)