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Monthly Archives: May 2009

If you’ve followed my other blog,, then you’re probably wondering how I plan to keep two blogs updated. And that’s a valid concern. But I have two reasons—also valid, if you ask me—for starting a new blog:

  • My original blog, previously called writingonthewall, was having an identity crisis—as my Lost posts were quickly drowning out everything else. (But don’t worry fellow Lost-lovers; I’ll still use that blog for those posts.)
  • More importantly, as I’m preparing a book proposal that I hope to start shopping to publishers in the next month or two, I wanted to establish a central hub for my self-marketing needs. This will be that hub.
  • As I make progress in this book-writing process, I will post about it here. For now, this will function as my personal website. It’s pretty modest now, but I hope to improve it as I go.