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Tag Archives: Data Storage

My most recent article, “Deciphering Data Storage,” recently went live on Your Church‘s website. And let me warn you in advance: it’s technical and it’s boring.

Basically, this article was the most difficult thing I’ve ever written. Mostly because I knew nothing about data storage; I didn’t even know what direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, and storage area networks were, let alone the differences and advantages of these options.

Well, I know a little bit more now. And hopefully the article will be helpful for churches—even if they are as clueless as I was.

I’ve also updated my “Writing Credits.” I added that article, but I also restructured it so it won’t look quite as much like a jumble of links.

If you’re incredibly bored by data storage (I don’t blame you), I’ve finished a couple other articles that should be live soon. And they’re both a little more interesting. I’ll let you know when they’re available.